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He's too much of a flirt and I don't know what to do?? "Jacks" comment was raw but it was the most honest description I've heard so far.Aries will sweep you off your feet but its short lived and when they stray they don't have the guts to be honest so they hide until the new girl upsets them and they call u see if you're still game.Ive been really busy - so not really ignoring him but haven't texted or called him, its been a week with no contact... last time we talked he did say he was going thru some bullshit and ex-issues and said he was sorry. I didnt know whos number so i picked it up and he acted like no time had passed... only if i was bored and had nothing to do that I should "come on thru" well I know where this is going... So I waited until the weeknd and called him back and we spent all night and the next day together.. Frankly, i like him but i afraid to have relationship with aries man, for me i want serious life and wanna build family life, for him, he wants to know more about his girlfriend in 2 years, when he feel compatible he will marry .. I've been dealing with a Aries man for 4 months and he keep dropping in and out of my life. when he calls he acts like we just talked the day before and not a month ago! I keep telling him to leave me alone and let me be but its like he's not listen. I feel sorry for these men B/c if it is RUN FOR THE HILLS. And people are going to hurt you as long as you're alive. True to form, she knows I like her, as I have already told her, I complement her often. If i don't text her for a while she will get moody. He will not verbally say He will just dissapear leaving you hanging on to wonder what just happened. He will never come back to you and if he does its only for sex and if he doesnt get it than you really will never see him again. He has sex for his pleasure only so don't think because its passion in the bedroom he loves you your wrong. You will know if he truly loves you...believe me..will stick with you through thick and thin (with a little of his own space)He will talk to you on a regular basis and will not cause you grief. That leaves the other 95%, no matter what age as being players and insecure jerks. When you run and get caught expext to go through emotional hell..will rip your hearts to shreds! I'm a leo female who was involved in a terrible mind altering relationship with an aries. I was at a vulnerable place I my life and got caught up. The relationship shattered my self esteem because he would talk a good game and strung me along.

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I've been through so many things that its not appropriate to list them.

That's where I guess the astrology report helped-to spell out what you needed to do to get her. He's very manipulative always saying when I decide to stop seeing him"Don't be surprise if i'm wit someone else when u decide to come back or I'm really ready to settle down"So if u leave ur messsing things up for yourself!

I'm tired of his lies and all the females friends he has,it's one thing to have female friends that u haven't slept with or females friends that aren't trying to get wit u!! all Aries are compulsive liars, compulsive cheaters and r emotionally and verbally abusive. Theyre great @1st but after 2mo they are completely selfish and what's crazy is they really think they are the greatest people alive becus they are sharing themselves with every1 so there4 how could they be selfish?

He's so true to his sign and thats why I dont wanna continue to see him. After two years he just found new meat and I was an old shoe. He rotates women on a weekly basis out of that 'compound' he lives in. One of you guys right though- you really can't be sensitive around us/ We really don't know we're hurting people sometimes.

He already told me he gets bored easy and he's a very sexual person... With the common cat analogy after playing with the same toy over and over again, the cat's either gonna walk away from it or not even look up. However, if they love you they will try to please their partners (cat coming to rub on you )but they are not attached to you in the first place they will feel no qualms about leaving. Heartless men, who only engage with their partner for attention. Go park at the local Coffee Bean in the Valley during the week, and you'll see the slime ball pull up every 2 days with a different YOUNG, barely 21 chick on his arm l OOKING like he's "oh so in love." Only to show up the very next day with someone else. Some of y'all need to suck it up (there I go again) Scorpios are manipulative and sneaky Aquarians and Geminis disappear and are cold Taurus and Pisces are boring Virgos are controlling and nagging Capricorns and Cancer? But don't you think picking a mate based on astrology is kind of ridiculous? but using astrology to understand someone isn't so ridiculous.