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I’ve seen some discussions on r/games that had multiple people participating writing huge walls of texts and no insults or “naughty” words in sight.

It was simply a great discussion on something related to games between a bunch of people.

Sexual ignorance is an enormous hurdle for most of us when we are trying to figure ourselves out sexually.

Our situations are made a lot worse when we are denied access to the little bit of sex education most able bodied people receive.

In a great deal of cases, sex education is being withheld from many persons with disabilities on the assumption that the individual 'won't need it'.

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Not a chat room, I know, but works similarily enough.

Visit to find out more about the site and some of their other publications.

Sexual Health Network - People with a disability or living with an illness may wonder whether they can have children, if their partners will stay with them, if anyone will find them sexually desirable, or if they will ever enjoy sex again - own free disabled chat service from Disabled World.

A wide range of disabled volunteers are involved in running the support network, social events, the Sex and Disability Alliance, the V-Group for disabled women with sexual problems, an LGBT network,a social group for neuro diverse people, and research projects.

We campaign for disabled people to be accepted as sexual partners.