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But it can also be incredibly useful, complementing and enhancing the overall event.

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","height":270,"provider_name":"You Tube","title":"World's First Double LEED Platinum Convention Centre","author_name":"vancouverconvention","thumbnail_width":480,"embed_url":"https:\/\/\/c Mv Rp6o Rvyc"}' class=" overlay-oembed open-overlay"","thumbnail_width":480,"version":"1.0","thumbnail_url":"https:\/\/\/vi\/xzq Gkfr Em2c\/hqdefault.jpg","type":"video","height":270,"thumbnail_height":360,"provider_name":"You Tube","provider_url":"https:\/\/ Vancouver","embed_url":"https:\/\/This ensures a better chance at developing a lasting relationship because it's built on more than merely attraction and chemistry.We believe in the quality of the introduction rather than the quantity.We enjoy a variety of social and community events, most of which are located right here at home on the beautiful North Shore.We dine out at local restaurants and cafes, go to local movie theatres and live plays.