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ony Jenkins doesn’t look like a professional detective.

Wearing a scarred raincoat and tattered jeans, the 51-year-old is unshaven with a yellowing roll-up cigarette pinched between his thick, builder’s fingers.

Under the banner of this organization, they are leading the citizen-based investigation into the cat killer mystery.

enkins does not have a siren on his car, but while sitting in incessant traffic he wishes he did.

Mr Hill said: 'I have looked very closely at this case and I remain extremely concerned and disturbed that Luke was convicted of this crime based on the evidence presented.'Dr Lean said: 'There are still avenues that have not been addressed.'The case – once described by an investigator and a trial judge as the worst murder they had seen – has troubled some observers.

The murder weapon was never found and there was no DNA evidence linking Mitchell to the crime scene.

Mitchell, also 14 at the time, was convicted of her killing in 2005 and ordered to serve at least 20 years behind bars.

His jotters from Dalkeith's St David's High School were found to be daubed with Satanic slogans and he wrote a school essay with worrying references to the devil.