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But if you click the checkbox "Wait for clicks to stop before redisplaying", the checkbox sends take Delays Display From: to the Color View, which will take a new value of delays Display from the checkbox.And when [self delays Display] returns YES, the Color View knows that it shouldn't redraw, but it also that it shouldn't forget about the color change, since it needs to redraw at some point.In each of the four examples below, we'll describe the problem, show the solution working in the application, and then review the relevant parts of the code. This method takes three arguments: a Selector specifies the message to send.

For example, if you'd like to send the message set Foo:, you can specify the selector for that message with @selector(set Foo:).After it remembers the new color, it checks "if ([self delays Display])".If it doesn't delay displaying, it sends "[self set Needs Display : YES]" - that's how you ask any NSView to redraw.In this article, we'll discuss not only how you use this method, but give some examples of how delayed messaging solves some difficult problems.If you've just begun working with Foundation Kit and App Kit, don't worry - we'll explain things step-by-step.

Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating