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The crew (nine, including DJ Stretch Armstrong and Dennis the security guard) ambles toward the elevator.

Downstairs awaits Eminem's partner in rap, Royce the 5'9", who looks to be about that and has seven people of his own in tow.

Eminem empties a water bottle on the heads of the audience, drops his pants, waves his middle finger around, and the show is over.

He is whisked into a waiting car through a back alley.

On a chilly Friday night in New York, he emerges bleary-eyed from the bathroom in his manager's office."I want to fuck you, too," Eminem says aloud to himself."But I won't."Eminem is a White Boy in a Black Medium.The police have been called to keep things orderly as the limo moves off into the night.At the curb, a girl who looks no more than fourteen shouts, "I want to fuck you," tugging suggestively at the top of her shirt and revealing her pierced tongue.