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The date of this Cistern would synchronise with the date of the laying out of the Garden, which belonged to a wealthy owner, for it contained a carefully constructed family Tomb.The construction of the Cistern must have been prior to that of the Tomb.More recently, an Israeli archaeologist called Gabriel Barkey has been influential in arguing that the Garden Tomb dates from the First Temple Period (700 BC), which would mean it could not have been a ‘New Tomb’ in the time of Christ. There is no reason why a rich man would not build his new tomb near some famous older tombs. Barkay: The Plan of the Garden Tomb is not typical for a 2nd Temple Tomb.These usually have an Burial Chamber BEHIND the Entrance Chamber, but the Garden Tomb’s Burial Chamber is to the RIGHT of the Entrance Chamber, which is more typical of the 8th century BC, and fell out of use later. The New Testament clearly says that Joseph’s Tomb was NEW (1st Century), and that the body was laid on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE from the entrance Chamber, NOT BEHIND it (Mark 16:5), just as it is in the Garden Tomb. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner.

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A wealthy owner of such a Garden would begin with providing his water supply, and then he would make His Tomb.

Then later on, in the Christian era, the Cistern was replastered and reused.

Other indications show it to be pre-Christian, which is why this fact was assumed before Barkay.

It makes sense that this Cistern was made to provide water for the needs of the Garden during the long dry seasons.