Oblivion dating system

Rise and Fall of the Blades - a history of the famous order, with emphasis on their Akaviri origins.There Be Dragons - a good overview of Dragons and their history.The Great Mosque of Zabid was constructed in the 9th century and, like other buildings in town, is notable for its whitewashed baked-brick walls and carved stucco facades and doorways with intricate, geometric patterns (fitting for a university town).Back in Sana’a, Yemen’s capital–where those embassies are located–you’ll find a thriving metropolis that’s been inhabited for over 2,500 years.

A few pieces were added a little while back, but never announced, namely Michael Kirkbride's celebration of Morrowind's 10th anniversary. ) story of Nerevar's murder, and a netchiman's son's view of Velothi culture. Long time ES fan and former Librarian Zeph, has been working on an update to the Elder Scrolls Treasury!

Now you can access those wonderful texts from your Kindle, Nook, i Pad, i Phone, et cetera. “One thing that people may not realize is that the books are written by a large number of people—the designers write the majority of them, simply because that’s part of our job description, but there are a lot of good writers on the team outside of the design department who have contributed books to Skyrim.

I think the wide range of writers helps make the books themselves feel more real—you get a greater variety of voices, styles, etc.” -Kurt Kuhlmann Thanks to forumer Zarath, we now have a text file of the books of Skyrim.

First up, all of the Dawnguard books have been uploaded, including pictures and foreign text.

Most pertain directly to quests and locations in that DLC, but there are a few Falmer books worth checking out: The Aetherium Wars and Katria's Journal are likewise worth reading.