Obsessive compulsive dating

Consider the disappointment that your partner might fell, whenever their compulsive behavior interferes with your relationship.

OCD is never easy to manage, but it could be less painful when you face it as a couple.

In some cases, preoccupations can be so dominant, that it may be virtually impossible to hide them.

For instance, if your date starts arranging the flatware in a different order, avoid having a strong reaction, as it can only increase the awkwardness of the situation.

It’s difficult to be patient without being understanding.

Knowing what OCD is will change your perspective and help you get less frustrated with your partner, because you will understand them much better.

Dating is usually a sensitive topic even for people who don’t necessarily struggle with mental health disorders.

With all the obsessions and compulsive behaviors specific to OCD, dating can sometimes be a challenge.

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Try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and imagine how it must feel like to constantly struggle with obsessive thoughts.To help your partner feel more at ease and to understand better what they are trying to say, use phrases such as: “I see”, “What do you mean when you say that….”, “Could you elaborate on this?”, “Am I right to think that…” Utilize non-verbal language, in the form of nods, smiles, and other appropriate expression, to let your partner know that you are engaged in the conversation.In most cases he/she will tell you about these uncontrollable compulsions and if not, you can politely ask.Keep in mind that no matter how unconventional or eccentric his/her obsessions may seem, a strongly negative reaction on your part can only exasperate the situation.