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That's why he has no regrets about subsisting almost entirely on fast food, a habit that dates back to his playing days.When Twitter user @Jerry Snarkanian tried to wise him up about nutrition, Johnson was having none of it: Ugh.You Tube While chatting with Necole Bitchie recently, K. She said in the past that he tried to get at her (and offered to buy her some shoes…), but in this interview with Necole (who revealed that she also dated the former NFL player long ago), the singer said that she didn’t date him because not only was he not inspiring her, but she felt that he had some healing he needed to go through from all his past drama. “If I can’t write a song about you, I’m not gonna date you. And then on top of that, I just feel like he has his own healing and stuff to do. Michelle spoke openly about her dating past, from dealing with NBA stars J. That means you’re not inspiring me and it’s not gonna work. And I was going through my healing of situations and things like that.

In Johnson's mind, how you eat has zero effect on how you feel, how you perform and how long you ultimately live., Johnson has clashed with the other men living in the house, which has escalated into physical threats.He also pushed one other competitor and ripped his shirt.He is no stranger to his own controversy, having been arrested on a charge of domestic battery after a dispute with his then-wife in 2012.A year later, he was sentenced to 30 days in jail for slapping his male lawyer's behind in court after he violated probation.