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In fact, many of Ohno’s images are germinations from his own observations and experiences.

For example, his recurring prism motif was inspired by watching moths fly into a streetlight one night.

The dancer had a child ( Some even claim that it was even Ohno's ) when they first met and was a single parent.But is there more to his feelings towards Prince Jun? Nino is a cook and Ohno is a baker, they live together and are a couple since a few years now.Meanwhile, the princess has her own little secrets... Dia seharusnya pergi secepat mungkin dari sini, jauh dari orang lain dan jauh dari alpa atau beta yang dapat mencium baunya... There is just a tiny problem: Nino made sure that Ohno knew that their relationship would end the moment one of them found their soulbond. Nino always supported Ohno with everything Ohno wanted to achieve even if it made him unhappy.He asked her to go out with him, though we wil never get to know what happened afterwards.Like most elementary school first loves though, the next school year, Ohno saw Saya-chan moved and changed schools The best known girlfriend rumor it seems.