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When the glaciers melted, water flowed into the Delaware River, increasing its size tremendously.Rocks floating down the river were chipped along their edges, making them rounded in shape.They coordinate with the County and other outside agencies to provide a clean, safe, diverse, enjoyable, and educational facility through development of activities, without discrimination.The Naturalist is Bob Mercer who is the featured employee in this newsletter. Mercer has a trained staff that is funded either by the Department of Parks and Recreation or the Friends of Silver Lake Nature Center.The last part of the mission statement deals with promoting the preservation and research of the unique historical and natural heritage of the surrounding community, especially species of concern.The function of the center is to provide environmental sessions for the young and young at heart.

Immediately outside the building is a large meadow.This mass of water encountered a dam, thereby spilling over into the areas we now call Falls Township and Trenton.Once over this obstacle, the water flow decreased and spread over a large area.Many of the rocks transported along the way found a new home.If you pick up rocks in Silver Lake Park, you will notice that they are rounded, having been taken from their unknown origin and laid to rest in Lower Buck County. Due to the fact that these rocks had very diverse origins, many types of minerals are now found in our soil.