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They practice their opening lines, their conversation starters and some “flirty” jokes and punch lines, with professional alacrity.

They can “impress” a girl quite easily with their mannerisms, body language and talk.

Their only motive is to seek sexual pleasure from a girl and ditch her when they no longer find her stimulating enough.

These guys, in general, are quite cynical about the very concept of “love” and their only interest is in surface level pleasure.

Of course she supports his decision but it's not been easy.' Mail Online has contacted reps for Perrie and Alex for comment.

It comes as Perrie has been subjected to vile abuse from footballs fans, who claim she orchestrated his move to Liverpool.

The pair failed to raise a smile as they left the eatery, with Perrie covering her face as she wrapped up in a hoodie.

And insiders claimed that Perrie and Alex argued because the singer wanted him to move to Chelsea Football Club not Liverpool so he could be closer to her home.

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Despite normally flooding their accounts with smitten snaps of each other, the couple have been keeping unusually quiet on social media.A fan shared: 'What the hell is wrong with some people Perrie is not the reason that Alex leaves arsenal, this is his choice and you should have some respect!!' 'I cant understand why people hate on Perrie because Alex left Arsenal, it was his choice and he's happy with it.' Another wrote.Worried fans are speculating that Perrie Edwards and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have split after spotting their silence on social media.The normally active couple have refrained from posting any loved-up snaps together for several weeks - amid reports their romance is under strain following footballer Alex's £35million move to Liverpool FC this week.