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Last but not least we have hundred years of data for what the optimal chess play is in a specific situation, it took us quite long to get to the point of a nearly perfect chess program and in chess we have some of the brightest minds of all humanity involved.

What would be possible without a doubt is programming a bot that plays a single match up in a way that over a span from let's say 1000 games wins more than any human player.every body will put the minions as many as they can to the board. 8 mana, rag, 10 mana, pay attention to warrior hell scream if it is the only first turn drop in hand??can a bot smatter than human and calculate its possibility and save it ?The problem a bot would have and does in fact have with hearthstone is the huge amount of different cards and resulting from that the amount of completely different decks.A 100 year old chess strategy is still viable today while a one week old deck can already be outdated since people figured out to play around it.