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"And you might feel used for your body." Instead of arguing whether you should have sex tonight, bring up the idea that it's okay to enjoy a little "self love." That way, Welch says, each can scratch their own itch, and you can come together when you're both into it.Masturbation is the safest tool to use in this situation, but make sure you still prioritize sex together, rather than apart.Instead, Welch recommends disciplining behind the scenes.

As he closes his eyes, that'll be the last thing he hears from you." Silly texts and sexy Snapchats are other easy ways to infuse a little fun and remind each other that you're friends first.

"If he's doing housework cheerfully and unasked, he's probably golden," says Welch.

So spell out what you want him to handle and don't forget to feel the heat together after the kitchen is clean.

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"If he wants sex more than you do, he's going to feel perpetually rejected," says Welch.