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Although Katz admits he's never sustained a relationship for more than seven months, he entertainingly reviews how to present one's self on the Web and prepare for every eventuality-from deciding how long to wait before meeting in person to who should pick up the check.

Much of his advice is common sense-write a lively introductory essay, be selective in whom you respond to-but, as Katz notes, common sense often goes the way of the Dodo when it comes to dating. The book's tips on everything from jazzing up your profile to polishing your first-date etiquette are so sharp that this is a must read for any online dater..." --Time Magazine"Katz entertainingly reviews how to present one's self on the Web and prepare for every eventuality.

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This is a very valuable principle that allows networked software written by different people at different times to work together.

bad) on-line profile into a great one, by showing you how to bring "you" out in what you write. It is somewhat dated now, with newer dating sites, but it gives excellent examples of how to write a personal profile that conveys more than loves-dogs-and-sunsets. I can't wait for the updated version to help understand the newer dating sites.

What I got was a highly informative and knowledgeable book written in a wry, humorous style that actually got me excited about the whole online dating experience again.

You actually get the impression that Katz has been in the trenches before and knows exactly what he is talking about.

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