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So any tilting or warped bedding indicates some upheaval from the original orientation.

The only exception to original horizontality I can think of is in the case of air-lain sediments which can sometimes orient parallel to a sloping surface on which they were deposited.

The Principle of Lateral Continuity supposes that rock layers extend for some degree over the Earth's surface. In stratigraphy terms, this allows layers to be compared against each other.

The Principle of Superimposition states that the oldest rocks will be at the bottom of all layers.

These principles would be able to provide information not only on separate layers, but on the initial layer, as well.

Possibly one of the greatest stratigraphic rock formations is the Grand Canyon.

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In order to accomplish this, geologists may use one of the concepts listed above: the Principle of Lateral Continuity or the Principle of Faunal Succession.Superposition holds that the bottom layer or bedding was deposited first and is therefore the oldest.It takes a tremendous upheaval (or several) to overturn this original sequence.These changes are consistent around the world, and allow geologists to determine what stratigraphic layers they might be examining by simply looking at fossils.The relative dating of rocks and fossils can be determined by using the Principle of Superimposition.

Original horizontality relative dating