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child of Elaine and her late husband Levi Lewis, after his sister Rebecca.When he was six, he met Clary Fray and the pair became inseparable best friends. And I see on your face when you're looking at me that you're searching for that guy. A mundane when they were originally introduced to the Shadow World, Simon was once turned into a vampire, and later to a Daylighter.The guy you knew who was a hero, who did great things. After a turn of events, Simon's immortality was taken away, along with his memories.He lectured them on their actions and ended up tending to their injuries.Simon soon learned of Clary's growing affection for Jace.Simon had long been planning to tell Clary how he felt for her but never quite found the right moment.One night, at the Pandemonium Club, things turned for the worse when Clary claimed to see people he couldn't; one of them being particularly interested in Clary.

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They broke into Luke’s house and while inside Simon noticed that Luke was on his way back and they manage to hide.Simon was upset at Clary for her sudden disappearance, lack of communication and accused her of shacking up with Jace.Clary told Simon about the Shadow World and everything that had happened, and Simon in turn explained that Luke said she had gone upstate to stay with relatives and had seen Luke pack a bag full of weapons.There, he met the beautiful Isabelle Lightwood with whom Simon showed interest in, hoping to make Clary jealous.Over dinner Simon also met Hodge Starkweather and Alec Lightwood.