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The picture was supposed to capture an authentic moment of a person’s everyday routine.But when Newton showed the photograph to Tia Maria for approval, the old woman was horrified and blamed Newton for humiliating her as a person by showing her in such an unattractive way.Another quite recent discussion was dedicated to the notion of the Soviet – the Soviet past, visible and invisible presence of the Soviet aesthetics, everyday culture and its remnants in the contemporary Belarus. First and foremost, we see here a typical environmental portrait photography.The models are not invited to the studio, but it’s just the other way round a photographer is let in the subject’s natural environment – home, work or recreation settings.There is no irony or any vividly expressed individual photographic style.In most cases subjects remain expressionless and look straight into the camera.

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Though Brusinski’s reason for selecting the subject matter is mostly sentimental, the artist’s adopted approach is neutral, emotionally detached, deadpan, and systematic.

Brusinski confesses that his participation in orchestrating the scene was minimal and aimed only at maintaining the technical and compositional uniformity of the collected archive of images.

The dressing gowns, postures and props were totally of the subject’s choice.

As a result we witness a bizarre mixture of reality and imagination in final pictures.

The portrait of Svetlana, the worker at a galvanizing plant, may raise suspicion that an artificial tangerine tree has been bought purposely to welcome a distinguished guest.