Pentax k10d software updating who is tinsley mortimer dating

It is recommended that changing the camera’s firmware be performed when the new release resolves an issue that your device has been encountering, or adds a new feature (or enhances an existing one) that could prove useful for you.This process isn’t intended to be destructive, but still, it’s best to save all your personal data and configurations before applying a different firmware.) could be made and stored and those settings would be called automatically upon mounting of a particular lens.If it is really true, it is just a very useful feature to counteract the K10D focus inaccuracy abnormality.If you do not have the total confidence and cannot bear any potential risk involved, just don't try - my humble advice.

Your drivers are now up to date and your device should now be working exactly as it should.

On the other hand, downgrading the camera’s firmware can recover its functionality in the unlikely event the currently installed version is faulty or the device’s performance dropped after an upgrade.

However, bear in mind that applying an earlier build might not always be possible.

With that utility program, the debug mode can be activated and de-activated via an USB cable and no firmware version downgrade is required.

It is in fact very useful and handy for those K10D users who wish to make their own AF adjustment for any Front Focusing (FF) or Back Focusing (BF) found with any of their lenses on their K10Ds.