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Consumers are befuddled by incomprehensible privacy policies, yet feel compelled to consent if they are to obtain the goods or services they desire.

Some group participants even said that with the information provided, they are “never” really able to give informed consent.

The development of technology, which overall is a positive thing, will not take place in a sustainable manner unless the fears of citizens are addressed with concrete and robust solutions.

When we held consultations, Canadians told us that when it comes to privacy, they want better information to exercise individual control over their personal information, but they also expect better government protection, because they feel government has more knowledge and better tools to ensure privacy is protected. In my view, the solutions required to address their concerns should, of course, include better information to empower them to exercise individual control and personal autonomy. Individuals must be at the centre of privacy protection; however, stronger support mechanisms are also required.

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As was the case when I presented my last Annual Report, the swift evolution of technology—big data, the Internet of Things, biometrics and artificial intelligence, among other innovations—is continuing to have a tremendous impact on personal privacy.

It is the chief mechanism by which individuals are able to express their autonomy and exercise control over their personal information.

Legally, organizations must obtain consent to collect, use and disclose an individual’s personal information, subject to a list of very specific exceptions.

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