Pothead dating online

Email me at [email protected] fellow marijuana users is about to get easier.

"It was never a deal breaker, but I could tell men who liked me weren’t happy when they found out I smoked." Harmon is getting ready to launch a new marijuana dating service, M-Date, by the end of the summer to help others struggling to connect with other marijuana-friendly singles.

” As weed-based dating becomes more common, here's what you need to know: Does the world need this?

If there are two truths to life in 2016, it’s that we're in the golden age of online dating, and that there are a million and one ways to make your Tinder date run far, far away from you.

But it turns out that for some people, certain supposed deal breakers actually don’t matter, meaning there's hope for everyone!

By deciding to stay in, you’ve created a theatergoing experience from the comfort of your own couch.

A first date is likely to take place with a pothead if there is food involved, sans the need to worry about getting stood up. For in-home dining, your partner will grab the most ridiculous assortment of ingredients to craft a one-of-a-kind meal that could only be conjured by the brilliantly creative mind of a stoner.