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Hendrik Verwoerd attended Milton High School where he was awarded the Beit Scholarship, established through the generosity of the diamond magnate and financier Alfred Beit.Verwoerd received the top marks for English literature in the whole of Rhodesia.He was regarded as a brilliant student and known to possess a nearely photographic memory. However, he was required to submit a reference from the minister of religion from his home town, Brandfort, on his suitability for such studies.

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Verwoerd played an instrumental role in helping the far right National Party (South Africa) come to power in 1948 serving as their propagandist and political strategist. During his time in office Verwoerd rigidly enforced Apartheid policies through further introducing oppressive laws, which diminished the rights of ordinary individuals, especially black South Africans.

Verwoerd, continued his studies completing his Masters and Doctorate in both Social Psychology and Philosophy.

As a result of his impressive academic performance, he received a post-doctoral scholarship from the University of Oxford, but turned it down and continued his research in the fields of Sociology and Psychology at various German Universities including Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin.

During this time he also served on the students' council together with Betsie Schoombie, later his wife, and was its president in 1923.

He completed his doctorate in 1924, also cum laude.