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The rest — a date, marriage, lifelong love — is up to you.

I’ll admit that wearing a shirt for three days straight without deodorant or perfume, letting someone smell it, smelling theirs in return, and then going on a blind date, seemed like exactly the of something I’d be into doing.

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anything — to meet my special someone, I was intrigued by Smell Dating when I wrote about it back in February.

He took detailed notes whereas I simply listened to my gut, and after we connected, he didn’t look me up on social media, whereas I did everything in my power to find him online and see what I was getting myself into. Well, the next morning I received this text: If I had to guess, this was based solely on my adamant dislike of olives.

It was a perfectly pleasant date and something I had never tried before. More likely, though, it’s because we just didn’t click, as is the case with most blind dates, no matter how much you like how they smell.

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I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I liked about the ones I chose, but maybe that was the point.

Finally, I entered my choices in on the Smell Dating website and was soon told I had three matches.

This is me officially smelling bad and really wanting to take off the shirt now, please.

That night, I finally changed out of my shirt and sent it off, praying not only that it would bring me a whirlwind romance, but also that whoever smelled it wasn’t allergic to cats.