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I didn't notice how much love was in that photo until I had a child.

More than one third of children who still see their dads never spend the night with him. It's the whole bedevilling, demanding, riveting and privileged experience of raising children.

Voices would be raised, forums convened, radical solutions pushed. Yesterday, high- profile American feminist and author Naomi Wolf was in Melbourne to give the motherhood cause a kick along at a forum with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward.

As the hype around Wolf shows, motherhood and its woes are fashionable.

But what they suggest is that the domestic violence tail should wag the Family Court dog.

Domestic violence is not the norm in family breakdown.

I feel the reason we don’t hear about the mothers committing suicide is that quite often we don’t….you walk out on the marriage… And, I have to say to you, I know of men, and I have interviewed them, who didn’t walk out on the marriage. Another said, "With five divorces an hour in Australia and three DVOs/AVOs a day, is it any wonder there is so much suicide." Another said, "Thank you for using your forum to make this gross injustice known to the public.

you need to know you will lose a lot of your rights. This injustice should be yelled from the rooftops until the lawmakers change the law".

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For all the progress, in other ways society has changed inexorably for the worse. You won’t believe this, but in light of the editorial I did on Channel Nine, which I repeated on Radio 2GB, I have been inundated with letters on this issue. You want a fairer system where Dads are included in their children’s lives.Basing policy on the worst-case family severs relationships for tens of thousands of children for no good reason.Has the fatherless child become the inevitable consequence of the new order of no-fault, drive-through divorce?Another said "In that cohort of men subject to the Family Court and the Child Support Agency, more men commit suicide than the total number of deaths to drug overdose and road toll ..... The current policies are creating another stolen generation and this nation will pay dearly in the decades to come".Another said, "Your simple and succinct commentary on non-custodial fathers really hit home.