Purity in dating book

She deals with what chastity actually is (which is not the same as either virginity or abstinence), how we should think about and live virginity, and why our culture has this thing against chastity.

She looks at dating pitfalls, purity culture, contraception, falling in love, how to talk about sex, discerning your vocation, and whether Goodyear is a good place to find your future husband.

Will you continue to live a life of mediocrity and baseline expectations in your relationships, or will you experience the thrill and power of what it means to be a real man? In “In a culture nearly devoid of genuine heroes, I’ve had the honor to witness a few. God has anointed Fred and Jason to train up men to be their woman’s hero, to win their hearts, to be kind in their godly acts of love, to use inviting, soft-spoken words like a song to his woman’s soul, igniting the passion they’ve both longed for.

Every man walking planet earth needs to read and apply the biblical lessons in this book.

The next generation needs to witness these godly fathers and husbands, these heroes in action. With a compelling sense of urgency, Fred and Jasen Stoeker cry out to the men and women of our generation and challenge them to joy-filled holiness.

Become your wife’s hero, your child’s hero, God’s hero, and the world will become a better place.” —Clay Allen, pastor, president, and founder of AVENUE Resource and author of Operation Destiny “Inspiring. Fred and Jasen will get in your face, call you out of the ditches of compromise, and into a battle—a battle that will define the course of your life.

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It’s about how to be a virgin who’s not socially incompetent or in a doomsday cult. The one about how your virginity was a precious gift to your future husband (who would definitely appear if you prayed hard enough).The one covered in pink flowers and that awful, treacly, preachy tone that made you want to throw it across the room? Arleen Spenceley’s Chastity is for Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin is the book you read when you’re sick of those books.My first favourite is when Arleen explains why pre-marital sex actually isn’t a good preparation for marriage.She writes, Sex is good practice for sex; patience is good practice for marriage.