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During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Rachael Leigh Cook talked about auditioning for this show, what drew her to the story and character, how she sees the relationship between Daniel Pierce and Kate Moretti, having a love interest (played by Collider: How did you originally come to be a part of this show? They were still negotiating and trying to figure it out.I didn’t know who they were going to cast or what was going on there.As an actor, I’ve always been in awe of and completely terrified by the procedural. The crime solving is a product of their jobs, obviously, but their jobs don’t define them as people. I love them as a network because they give fantastic roles to women.How much dialogue and jargon people have to say was completely an intimidating prospect for me. Also, what I love about this show is that you can accidentally learn something without feeling like you’re having facts shoved down your throat. You can go to sleep after watching an episode of this show. How do you see the relationship between Kate Moretti and Daniel Pierce (Eric Mc Cormack)?Now that you’ve had a season of living in this character’s shoes, is she someone that you’re hoping you’ll get to play for a bit? I had such a good time, and I just feel like I got to grow so much. It made me realize that, if you go around acting like people should take you seriously, they will.I had a lot to learn from her, as corny as that sounds.

The spot flips the egg metaphor on its head to tell the story of discriminatory drug sentencing laws, and marijuana users whose lives, relationships and job prospects have been ruined for using a substance that more than 60 percent of Americans now believe should be legal for everyone.The work comes from Green Point Creative, a mini-agency that focuses on one issue: current drug laws and their effects on marijuana users.Howard Bowler spent more than 12 years at Grey before launching his audio production company HOBO.In 2000, she appeared in the US issue of FHM as the cover girl.In addition to this, she has also appeared in the ‘Sexiest Women in the World’ list.