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It is the second largest church in America cited by “Church Growth Today.” A Catalyst for Change – Charitable Causes and Humanitarian Achievements Randy is a fierce soldier for social justice and an advocate who daily enlists others to help the less fortunate to overcome the harsh realities of life.His programs promote healing through – taking a stand and actively participating in a cause.Randy’s message touched the hearts of many, attracting both the converts and the curious to his ministry.South Tampa Christian Center, which eventually evolved into the world-renowned , a multicultural congregation located in Tampa, Florida, has been recognized as one of the fastest growing churches, from just five members to over 20,000 members since its conception in 1991.He is licensed as a First Grade Engineer, and attained Security Clearance with the state of Maryland to further his Bishop responsibilities.Randy Alan White is the co-founder of Without Walls International Church, a large, non-denominational, charismatic church with in Florida.

Randy Alan White was born January 11, 1958, in Frederick, Maryland, to Frank White and Darlene Masser. Frank White was a pastor of a small church in Damascus, Maryland, under the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) denomination.His accomplishments are evident in the building of over 150 satellite churches and affiliated outreach ministries.Contact Information Randy White is available for Speaking Engagements and Individual Consultations in the areas of Organizational Growth, Finances, and turning Setbacks into Setups, specifically in coaching Pastors, Church Leaders and Entrepreneurs.Former President Bill Clinton also utilized Randy’s wisdom and sought out his counsel during his public in-office scandal. In addition, Randy is affiliated and has worked with world renowned Christian leaders including Dr. Richard Roberts, Rod Parsley, Bishop Noel Jones, Darlene Bishop, George Bloomer, Jentezen Franklin, Joel Osteen, Eddie James, Jesus Culture, Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, and BJ Putnam.As an official counsel for the White House, Randy was granted top secret clearance with the U. Randy has worked with individuals from all walks of life, including high profile celebrity personalities such as Destiny’s Child, Bernice King, Tyler Perry, Deon Sanders, Evander Holyfield, Michael Irvin, Gary Sheffield, Carl Everett, Daryl Strawberry, Tony Dungy, Erin Brockovich, Heather Locklear, Rickey Smiley, Hulk Hogan, David Allan Coe, Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson.