Raw vegan dating

Whatever the reason, if you are following a raw or vegan diet, you probably want to meet other people along a similar path.A recent survey I conducted on our Facebook Fan page at Raw Food Fans Website indicates this to be true.Have you been raw for a while and already know some other raw vegans, but are curious as to how to meet more?Are you single and want the next person you date to have the same lifestyle as you?

Escape from the virtual world and meet like-minded friends face-to-face!

Or do you just want to hang-out and talk to other people who get where you are coming from?

Take a look at these links and articles for inspiration and support.

I have met many of the facilitators in person and have never experienced such an enriching program that helps to spread the message of bloodless revolution.

This is also a perfect group if you are or want to start making a living spreading the message of plant-based diet, peace, and compassion.