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A lot of couples pretend like fantasizing about someone else or dirty talking in bed about someone’s crush is just terrible and can lead to a break up. You wanted to make love passionately with your lover, but somewhere along the way, one of you start dirty talking in bed to the other person, and one thing leads to another.

But hey, if you can think about having sex with someone in your mind, isn’t that just as wrong? You can’t understand much but it’s the low voice of your partner that seduces you to listen harder. Very soon, you’ve got your dirty talking taking over you, and you begin to imagine a friend, or a stranger satisfying you more than your partner! ] Dirty talking in bed always starts off on a low key.

When you indulge in dirty talking in bed and fantasizing about each other’s sexual interests, you’re only admitting that you do get attracted to someone of the opposite sex.

It’s a lot better than quietly having sex, while your mind’s wandering all over some other person’s naked body. Maybe on a beach, while you’re being massaged by a masseur or at a party when you’re drunk.

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They say they don’t hide any secrets, and just aren’t attracted to anyone else other than their partner.

[Read: Seven sexiest places to have sex] Now that you know the sexy sides and bad sides of dirty talking in bed, go on and read about how you can make sure you’re dirty talking in bed the right way, and increasing the intimacy and love in the relationship in bedroom fantasies.

But come on, now really, would you want to see that in reality?

It’s this thought that fluctuates in your mind, every now and then, even as you’re locked in a serpentine coil with your partner.

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