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Check which members are online and simply start chatting. Click here to learn more about how this service works.Billing will start for the corresponding chat once the member replies to your invitation, or when you reply to theirs. Animated Emoticons are moving smiley faces available on Live Chat, making chatting more fun and interesting, which text messages and stickers cannot.She messaged me saying that i had a cute avatar and asked if we could be friends. I pretty much knew right then and there that something fishy was up. I haven't really had strangers friend request me before, and by strangers, i mean, like not even a friend of your old high school teacher or something.I checked her profile page, and she created an account in 2011, but she barely had any posts and only like three people had posted on her wall. Is this normal in facebook to have random strangers friend request you?With Photo, members can ask the members for more exclusive photos.It costs 1.5 credits for each sent or viewed photo in addition to the normal Live Chat fee, even in your free trial period.The duration and expiry date of the voucher, the sites it can be used on (valid on all Qpid Network sites or only certain sites etc.), and type of members you can chat with are generally clearly stated at the time of issue.You should have Adobe Flash Player version 11.1.0 or above installed on your computer.

Live Chat is an instant messaging service where you can communicate directly with others, using text, emoticons and voice messages, etc.I told her that she looked pretty, but that I didn't feel comfortable talking about this kind of stuff with a stranger.She said some other stuff and then said good night and called me"pretty" boy. I'm kind of scared that someone is stalking me now and will kill me in my sleep(only half joking). and how did she get my facebook page without mutual friends?If you do not, a message will appear suggesting that you install this free software.To install the Adobe Flash Player, your computer must meet your system requirements.