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The Senate poses a major challenge for the bill, in part because Senate president Teresa Paiva-Weed, D-Newport and Jamestown, personally opposes same-sex marriage and has worked against it in the past.But Weed has promised not to block the Senate Judicial Committee from voting on the bill, opening a possible path for the bill to reach the Senate floor — where the vote is expected to be close.As aquaculture becomes more mainstream, the ARE program has developed new programming to introduce school, scout, and camp groups to the infinite possibilities aquaculture provides to Rhode Islanders.Whether you are looking for in-class programming or visits to local aquaculture facilities, the ARE program would like to help you.Call us to arrange a workshop for your group (401-539-0037).Bring your school, scout, or youth group and explore a local stream, pond, or river.We also train teachers in WOW, The Wonders of Wetlands, Salmon in the Classroom, and Green Eggs and Sand.

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Does you organization or group want to sponsor a fishing activity and need equipment?“We’ve been working on this for a long time,” said Seth Magaziner ’06, a board member of Marriage Equality Rhode Island.“The job’s not done, but it’s a good day.” Magaziner said that the next step will be lobbying the Senate, as well as convincing Rhode Island citizens to contact their senators and express support for the measure.Or take your group on a fishing vessel and trawl the depths of Narragansett Bay.The ARE program sponsors many programs that will acquaint your students with the rich marine resources of Rhode Island.