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(May increase rating later depending on what happens.)Mizuki never got to shoot his mouth off at Naruto the night he took the Scroll of Seals. A small twist of fate made him aware of his heritage; unsealing the legacies his parents left behind. How will he bear with this pain, physically and mentally? Eren becomes severely traumatized and Levi takes it upon himself to undo the damage that has been done. Kageyama just went to give Hinata his damn shoes he left in gym, but he's glad he did when he did. Three weeks after Natsu got kidnapped, Zeref, who heard what happen to Natsu, pass by a castle where he heard Natsu screams. Noctis spends 5 years training inside the crystal with Bahamut and the previous Kings of Lucis.

Other than skipping a half-manic monologue from him what exactly did this change for everyone's favorite blonde ninja? Graduating from the academy at age seven, he's well on his way. He couldn't believe how much pain Hinata could be in. Harry is the Master of Death and Lord of Time through his joining of the three Hallows together. The dark mage saved him, but the fairy tail mages arrive when he healed Nastu and both of the revealed something that the other mages never accepted for few years. Stronger and wiser Noctis, Pairing undecided The season is over, the Winter Cup won.

Midorima/Tamaki Nighthunters: Time Paradox Sequel to Nighthunters.

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Kn B/Persona crossover Lilium After the incident in Trost, Corporal Levi was impressed with the standing that Eren Jaeger had shown, and had her enlisted under his squad. Eren Sight Eren Jaeger can see spirits and ghosts for as long as she could remember. That is until he saw three kids kill a man at a nightclub and started seeing things he normally couldn't see, and started falling in love with a fiery redhead by the name of Clary Fray. v=EP8r Hc Qa Py INaruto dies during the Wave mission and makes a deal with the Shinigami to get a second chance at life. One night the villagers went too far and now Konoha shall reap what it has sown. 'If you wish to put on weight, certainly.' It was a running joke, whenever he asked to hit up a diner, it never bothered him. It was a joke, he knew that, but then Iggy's food was delicious and maybe he had been eating a little more than he should. What if Kushina was the great granddaughter of Mito Uzumaki and thus, Hashirama Senju?

With the Phantom Player and Teiko's best manager, Seirin vowed to reach the top in the high school basketball world. The different arcane guilds had always been at loggerheads with each other, especially the legendary guild, Teiko, which was led by six of the highest class of warriors that had ever existed, the Kiseki no Sedai. Kuroko XAomine Teiko High School What if the Generation of Miracles had enough of the treatment by the different teams and different high schools treating them as some trophies to be won for their teams, and decided to join the sister high school to Teiko Middle? Meanwhile, at Yosen High, Masako Arai is just about ready to pull her hair out due to the constant arguments between the two aces of her team - Murasakibara Atsushi and Kagami Taiga.

But when the very life of the world, the Mimir Tree was threatened, the guilds must put aside their differences and fight for a common goal. The worst fear of the high school basketball circuit had just come true: the Generation of Miracles are back. Our Basketball The Generation of Miracles never went to Teiko.

But neither one of them even expected to run into younger future versions of their former friends who bear the same title - Generation of Miracles. When her second year at Teiko crippled her left hand and ended her basketball career, Kuroko Tamaki and Ogiwara Shigehiro left Tokyo for the Chiba Prefecture—finding a new team and a sport—a new passion.

She is already dangerous enough on the court, known as 'Mirage'. Manami/Tamaki Memento Mori"I was trying to stop them." "Yes, but you still failed in the end, didn't you? They were no longer her friends—the people whom she'd once known—the people who have dedicated their lives to saving people from the monsters of the night. Ginny(MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR THE END OF THE GAME) A thousand years have passed since the Chosen King had fulfilled his destiny, a thousand years he spent alongside his wife, isolated from both the Living World and the afterlife.