Rsd dating skills review

Ozzie's presentation is probably the most easy to implement, as he explains in details how to "run the train", ie make a move and close the deal with a woman.

There are a few innovative elements in this product, although much of its content can be learned from other products, in particular Real Social Dynamics' 'Foundations'.

He also explains how to make quick decisions in every situation life throws at you, including when your conversations with a woman aren’t going too well.

At 9 for the DVD set and 9 the CD set, the initial outlay is fairly substantial.

As I am still in the early stages of my path to being successful with the opposite sex, this portion of the DVD set I found the most enlightening.

He teaches you how to be natural and be appreciated for your authenticity, explaining that above all else, you are the master of your own destiny when it comes to picking up girls and outside influences only play a minor part.

As the instructors narrate their own personal stories, in particular talking about the barriers they have had to overcome, it provides inspiration and tips on getting over your own 'barriers' to dating mastery.

Last up is Tyler, who takes a more philosophical approach than the others.

He teaches how to avoid the ugly curse of victim mentality and removing the stress from your life that is preventing your success with women.

As such it is more useful to enhance your mindset, help identify your sticking points to dating mastery, and provide motivation to develop.

Maybe the most interesting aspect of this product is that each instructors reveals in details how much effort and time he has invested to "get good" - this helps viewers to understand that there is no "magic pill" and that it is a journey, but the journey itself can be fun, as illustrated by all the wicked stories.