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the stamp thing is crazy and I dont know how thats even working for this company, usually its a monthly membership and doesn't even cost what this place does.worst thing was when i sent a kiss to somebody and when they returned the kiss, they want to start a conversation and either he or I have to invest a stamp, two out of my 3 stamps ended in a three sentence conversation, that went something like, ohh I just properly read your profile and i am not interested, so my stamp lasted a full 2 minutes.the chat section at the bottom of the page was clever too i could see everything that was going on.on other sites you have to remember who it is your talking too and what they said and flick between pages, but this feature here was goo.

Also I received matches but not sure what these were based on (perhaps just location?In fact its like your punishing people by forcing stamp purchases to actively find a date..i think this is should be happy if you have a member that wants to contact 50 people per day, not charging them stamps at every possible turn.i have found the website hard to navigate around.Even filtering didn't really work and I was constantly matched with people I didn't think were compatible.It ended up being a lot of filtering and little return. It felt quite one sided and everything involved money.