Russian dating scam letter Dirty 1on1 cam

The sites where the users pay for each letter they send are the most attractive venues for scammers.A woman who uses a fake profile will keep up a conversation as long as possible in order to earn that site more money.I’ve certainly not had time to read them all but one of the few I looked at caught my eye as it contained a photograph which I’ve included in the text of ‘her’ email below.For those who do not know about Russian dating scams I should point out that ‘Elena Volkova’ is almost certainly NOT looking for love or marriage. I do not know why I have written to you, probably something inside has prompted me to do it.If anything, it increases our costs due to the need to have more robust server configuration.

Although dating sites have anti-scam departments and verify users’ profiles, scammers keep looking for new ways of conning money out of male users. You just need to be aware of the common fraudulent schemes and be attentive to some details.

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