Russian men dating customs

At the theatre or concert hall, it is now to have changed into something smart.

High-heeled shoes are taken in a bag to change into if it is snowy outside.

Not all Russians would go quite so far as the young soldier who was asked by a foreign journalist how the siege of parliament was going.

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The days of workers' dungarees are definitely over.

It sums up what everyone there is yearning for: to live a normal life.

Not straining every sinew to beat the Americans at their own game.

Towards the end of the meal during the whole of which there took place an unending musical chairs as old friends greeted each other and exchanged gossip, the hapless chairman of the mighty Western conglomerate attempted to begin the formal part of the proceedings: the announcement of the winner.

By now, even the top table had been deserted by most of the competitors and his remarks were drowned by a continuing hubbub of conversation.