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Most single women follow at least the first three, but the rest are up to your own personal comfort level.1. Don't tell a man you just met your last name, where you work or live. Even though cell phones ownership can't be looked up yet, you still might not want him to know your number right away.2. This is why my dating advice is to meet at a coffee shop, a book store with a cafe, or an upscale restaurant bar because you are sure to have others around you. Even though hiking in nature might sound like a great date, you'd be alone with a stranger in the woods. Take your own car or public transportation to meet at the date location.Make sure you have money for parking or a cab if needed.4. Some women are nervous about meeting strangers — this is understandable!You should not rely on somebody else to pick you up or take you home, especially if you want to be out of their company quickly!Don’t arrange the date to start from your home or your workplace, as by the end of the night you might realize that you have gone out with somebody who you don’t want knowing such personal information.But, the same thing should be true for a man you meet in person as well.The good news about online dating in my mind is that, in 11 years as a dating coach, I have not had even one client tell me a negative story about her safety.But don't let him talk you into getting in the car for a makeout session where your safety is at risk in the semi-privacy your vehicle provides.9. This combines tip numbers one and eight because you want to wait a bit longer to tell a guy where you live and you don't want to get in the car with him.Be smart — if he's into you, there will be plenty of more opportunities. As a dating coach for women 40 , I provide proven dating methods that have helped thousands.

If he is not OK with this, ask yourself if he's such a good catch. I've heard too many stories from clients who tell me how things "just happened" and now they're regretting them.Get more tips in my FREE book 5 Big Turnoffs That Drive Men Away.Let me help you find love with the right man and avoid the many potential pitfalls along the way.Most of the women I work with are smart about first dates.The vast majority of men might not be your ideal mate, but are usually civilized.