Schedule updating process

” group on GSA’s Interact, and view the webinar video series.Your Potential Customer Base Your customer base includes organizations eligible to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services , such as executive, military, and other federal agencies.e Buy is an excellent tool for finding new business and is only available to contractors on Schedule or on a Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC).Watch for orders or BPAs that may be set aside for small businesses.There are a few additional responsibilities for properly maintaining your Schedules contract.Contracts may be cancelled, or options not exercised, if you do not meet contract requirements.First Steps as a GSA Contractor Preparing an offer is not the only time there are administrative tasks to complete.

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Modifications are to be requested online via e Mod, a module of the e Offer site you used to submit your solicitation response.And we are interpreting the expression 'portion of anything' as 'being part of anything'.Hence Schedule Control is part of Integrated Change Control. Therefore different aspects must be integrated into the schedule controlling (comp. 152): Controlling the changes includes two aspects: On the one hand one should control (and organize) that time limits are respected.Through Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Purchasing, state and local governments can also use Schedules.Government buyers can post a Request for Quotations (RFQ) via e Buy, a component of GSA Advantage! Schedules contractors can submit quotes to any RFQ corresponding to the Schedule and Special Item Numbers (SINs) listed in their contract.