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The Capricorn will admire the Gemini intelligence, and the Gemini will admire the Capricorn’s achievements, but I don’t really seeing them being really attracted to each other in the long run. Cancer is creative and loves to try new things, but also likes security.Capricorn and Cancer—Earth and Water is a sextile, and usually an easy match, but these two are Fatal Opposites. Cancer can really bring the Capricorn out of his element, and Capricorn will make the Cancer person feel safe. But the Capricorn is not as emotional as a Cancer; and the Cancer will have hurt feelings much of the time.I did warn you he wasn’t going to be easy to understand, but don’t worry, that’s why you have me to help.Once he feels safe again, he will relax and have fun like everyone else.The Capricorn won’t be able to understand how changeable a Cancer person is.Opposites were made for each other, and most people have at least a fling with their opposite. Or they get in a pattern of breaking up and making up.

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Capricorn plans ahead for years in advance, but Aries never heard the word forethought.On New Year’s Eve, he is “Fathertime”, the old year that is being ushered out so the new one can begin.This astrology sign is ruled by Saturn, the karmic teacher.He gives off a kind of “Fatherly” vibe, even when young, so people end up telling him all their problems. His demeanor is calm, he has a way of making you feel safe, and he really listens when you talk.If he’s in your circle of friends, he’s the one researching vacation condos for summer in January, so you can all go away together. Capricorn and Aries—This is one of the challenging square aspects, plus it’s an Earth and Fire combo.