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The media descended on her home in Southern California in the aftermath of a domestic dispute that saw Forsberg Weiland setting fire to ,000 worth of her rock star husband’s clothes.

The harrowing incident did offer one silver lining: it led Forsberg Weiland to seek treatment for bipolar disorder, a condition that had plagued her since adolescence.

Forsberg Weiland remembers wrestling with depression as early as when she was a child growing up in San Diego.

Now, her low moods were exacerbated by an unpredictable temper that had her clashing with her mother and frequently flying into rages.“When I need to unload, I know I can call my mom or my girlfriends and talk through anything,” Forsberg Weiland says.“I need this kind of support as much as I need talk therapy.” Realize recovery takes time. By Linda Childers Mary Forsberg Weiland is known as a successful model and the ex-wife of Scott Weiland, former front man of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.Yet in 2007, the beautiful brunette made headlines across the world after experiencing a very public manic episode.