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“A really powerful, high-caliber woman, when it comes to her personal life, she should make it as private as possible,” she says.

“A lot of these types are going to charity events to try and meet men.

Or even worse—as in the case of Paula Zahn’s millionaire husband, Richard Cohen, who was caught using to date and dump women after telling them they were his “soul mate”—their dating peccadilloes and seemingly bad behavior also might be chronicled by the city’s tabloids.

Not to falsely sell somebody but find qualities I really love, and I touch on those qualities.

I turn an icon or title or an unknown with an intimidating profile into a human.”In practice it can be difficult.

The traits that got the women to the top in business are usually what disqualify them in love.“It’s very challenging for high-powered women to get a date,” says Andersen, who specializes in Silicon Valley millionaires.

It can be really threatening for a lot of guys who don’t make as much money.

They can say they’re cool in the beginning, but it catches up to them and bites them in the butt in the end.”But perhaps more interesting is the 50 Shades of Grey trend.