Serial dating

See the explanation for serial number 980311301 below: 980311301 First two digits indicate the year - 98 (1998) 980311301 3rd & 4th digits indicate the two-digit month - 03 (March) 980311301 5th & 6th digit indicate the day - 11 (the 11th) 980311301 7th digit is a series code number - 0 for 300 or 400 Series, 1 for 500 through Presentation Series, 2 for 200 Series, 3 for a Baby, 4 for a Big Baby, 5 for a T5, 7 for Nylon Series, 8 for 100 Series, and 9 for Solid Body Series. 980311301 Last two digits indicate the guitar's position in that day's production sequence.11-Digit Serial Numbers January 2000 - October 2009, the serial number expanded from 9 to 11 digits to accommodate the four-digit year designation.So it takes a little skill, or experience to identify one, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today!But before I get into this topic, I should apologize for not writing a blog post sooner.I always get reminded of a particular version of this problem when I go to LA.

See the explanation below: 1107064001 First digit indicates where it was made. We see the world around us in an instant, and project that this world will carry on the same forever.And we either forget the past entirely or edit the past so that we only think about the bits that fit today, and erase the rest.I will write on a lot of other topics around this issue, but I’d like to focus on this piece on one aspect of serial dating: the experience curve in serial dating, and the subsequent impact on long term monogamy.When we do things over and over again, we get good at them. In our brain, repeated experiences create stronger neural pathways so we can perform the task over and over again, better each time.