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Chat Bot Conversations collects the funniest, strangest, and most impressive chat bot conversations between people and chat bots and between two chat bots talking with each other.

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Thankfully she was the one who talked to me first, telling me her name was Tori (I was about to die!Tell me, Tiffany, have you ever made love to a woman before? To a work colleague who I discovered was a lesbian. She smelt and tasted so good - I loved every moment.' 'Good. And would you like to repeat the experience - this time with a married woman, a woman who thinks that you are wonderfully beautiful and deeply desirable...' Her hand was pressing now on the crutch of my jeans. In the couple of days leading up to the visit I couldn't think of anything else! No one, male or female, had had that effect on me before. She wanted to put me at my ease, exchanging pleasantries and fixing us drinks.She seduced me one evening.' 'And how was it, my dear? My pussy was yearning for her touch, for her tongue. My husband never interferes between me and my lady friends. I lost count of the number of orgasms I gave myself. After lunch on the day we were to meet up I took a long bath and washed my long black hair. I'm usually shaven anyway, but I wanted to be completely bald for my lover, so I could open my cunt lips fully to her gaze and touch. After a little while she suggested we go through to the den to relax. My throat was tight and I found it hard to speak audibly. But just thinking of you has made me horny all week.I loved the feeling of being with such a confident, intelligent, strong and sexy woman. I think Tori sensed my arousal, my deepening infatuation with her, because she kept smiling and fingering her hair and then, very discretely, she gently lowered her hand onto mine and ran her fingertips up my arm. I didn't want to show my nerves or frighten her off in any way.And then, still slowly and smoothly, she slipped her hand under the table and placed it on my thigh.