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Today I try my best to help the kids."While in the West some might associate Iran's restrictions on freedom with the religion of Islam, it's over-simplistic to assume that this mass dissatisfaction with the state of the country necessarily signifies dissatisfaction with the state religion.For example, if a man and a woman want to have sex but they are not married it is not allowed.We cannot even hold hands with our girlfriends.""It is my life," said another man, "and if I want to drink whisky I should be able to drink whisky."Chatting with two young women and a young man in a tea-house I was asked if I thought Iran was boring."No, not at all," I answered.Subscribe to the Wander Mom rss feed, follow me on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. "I was asked this question countless times during my month travelling through the Islamic Republic, and my answer was always the same: "I love it; it's an amazing country full of beautiful, friendly and generous people." But I was always more interested to know what Iranians' ideas about Iran were, and I didn't need to do much asking because their opinions were usually forthcoming."In Iran," one young man said while giving me a lift on the back of his motorcycle, "we cannot do what we want to do.