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In this eloquent collection, women share firsthand experiences of the people, history, and landscape of Greece.

Their essays go beyond ordinary travelogue to capture the ways in which Greece has shaped lives or influenced decisions.

Id already written a draft of the book when I returned to India on an unrelated trip. I learned that with all the time in the world, I wasnt any more productive.

In expressing their love for the country, these women share stories as visceral as they are poignant, as entertaining as they are endearing. Gigi, how did your writing career begin and what attracted you most to the mystery genre?

Essays by: Linda Lappin & Susan Tiberghien and by Alison Cadbury, Liza Monroy Ashley Black, Katherina Audley, Cynthia Greenberg, Amanda Castleman ,, Simone Butler, Linda Hefferman, Marilyn Mc Farlane, Sara Woster, Colleen Mc Guire, Pamela S. Welsh, Tara Kolden Writer Linda Lappin of Centro Pokkoli interviews mystery novelist GIGI PANDIAN , author of the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery Series and the Accidental Alchemist Series during her recent visit to the Monster Park of BOMARZO, researching a new book due out next fall. Gigi: It never occurred to me that I could have a creative career, but at 25 I was in a Ph D program and miserable.

In this intelligent and insightful memoir, we maneuver familiar territory of expat memoirs set in Mediterranean countries: the nightmare bureaucracy, that multicursal maze with no exits, which must be dealt with at every breath you take, the terrible traffic, the misogynous, maniac drivers, and the fact that there is no word for 'efficiency' in the native language. And you will also learn why Greeks drive the way they do.

But these are viewed from a fresher perspective, not the usual clear cut line of demarcation of " us" and "them. Publisher: Plain View Press (October 1, 2006) ASIN: B00JHS3PIA Reviewed by L.