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For a long time, Southern Baptists had not only a faith but a cause.They saw God’s greatness reflected in the inherent goodness of the American South—and, more recently, in America itself.But, after Land’s followers helped return Bush to office, he never pushed for one. The face they eventually chose belonged to Russell Moore, who was forty-one when he assumed the presidency, in 2013.And in the Obama era Land’s status as an old-fashioned culture warrior came to seem, to some members of the church, like a liability. C., denominational presidents come and go—each is elected to a one-year term, with a maximum one-year renewal. Where Land was a stern figure, fearsomely jowled and sideburned, Moore declines to play the heavy: he once described himself as a “little guy who looks like a cricket,” which suggests something about not just his appearance but also his sensibility.What do Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Danica Patrick have in common? so says "Criminal Minds" star Shemar Moore who says he's got a new girlfriend who's the #1 HOTTEST chick in pro sports. "If she stands up and turns around you might just faint," Moore told us ... So who's the mystery woman who was out with the notorious ladies man in L.

From where my father stood, my failure to dog-paddle was only the first of many failures. Director Hallstrom gathered the best cast and crew he could find for this film.See more » The dialogue suggests that the Quoyle ancestors were from Ireland yet the name Quoyle is very rare in Ireland.There is no letter "Q" in the Gaelic alphabet though it could have been an Anglicisation of an Irish name such as Ó Choill which is variously transliterated as Quill, Coll or translated into English as Woods (from Coill, Irish word for woods or forest).Jerry Falwell, a Baptist and a Southerner (although not, until late in his life, a member of the S. C.), created the Moral Majority to propound the idea that most Americans believed as he did.Evangelicals became a potent political force: in 2004, they helped reëlect George W. “He’s going to dance with the one who brung him,” Land told one newspaper.