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In my marriages, we'd sometimes go out as husband and wife and sometimes as best female friends.

It took a long time to get my head around the fact that these two sides were the same person.

It made me depressed and I was sent to a psychologist in Hexham.It was a landmark for me: I'd needed the stone and wood and ceremony of an Anglican church, particularly my local church, to make my transition feel real.I've always thought of myself as two different people.I wasn't sure how my vicar, David Hewlett, at St Andrew's Church in Corbridge, Northumberland, would react when I raised it, but he was fabulous.He spoke to the Bishop of Newcastle and once we had the go-ahead, our curate, Julie Robson, designed an affirmation liturgy. My daughter and my son, who is a lieutenant in the Royal Artillery, both attended, along with my two grandchildren.