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Both are similar in appearance, with witnesses describing them as glowing white lights that occasionally move throughout the woods.What’s more, both lights share equally murky origins.Two more appeared in the following years—one in 2004 in Peach Orchard and another in Delaplaine three years later, two towns less than five miles apart.In recent years, more designs have been popping up in southern areas of the state as well.There’s not much evidence to support ET being behind the crop circles, and farmers are similarly skeptical that it’s the work of pranksters.As of this writing, though, no one has come forward claiming responsibility.A traveling salesman, he would swing by each month to sell stationery to homes and local businesses.He occasionally stayed overnight, but he always left the following day on the afternoon train.

The legend’s telling varies, though, with one version claiming that the light is the ghost of the decapitated rail worker looking for his head.

Crop circles first popped up in Arkansas in summer 2003.

They appeared as a series of 10 circles as large as 9 meters (30 ft) in diameter.

Another attributes the light to his wife’s lantern, as she eternally searches for her husband’s body.

When traveling through southwest Arkansas, we advise sticking to the main roads.