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People gather along the shore and just watch the day come to an end.

(Door County doesn't have much of a nightlife.)When I was there in the summer of 2006, being treated to a spectacular sunset, I was caught off guard a bit when my thoughts abruptly turned to Barbara Olson.

Elder Abuse and Abuse of Individuals with Disabilities: Elder abuse is the mistreatment of an elderly person by a family member or caregiver.

Abuse of individuals with disabilities occurs when an intimate partner, family member or caregiver abuses someone of any age who has a disability.

Domestic violence often occurs in cycles, with periods of “normal or happy times” followed by increased tension and abuse.

The cycle of violence repeats, sometimes over a period of months, sometimes within the same day.

I thought of all that the terrorists had taken from us, and all they had done in the name of God. On this sixth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I'm thinking of Barbara Olson, her husband, family, and friends.

Door County encompasses nearly the entire Wisconsin peninsula. Little towns rim both the Green Bay and the Lake Michigan shores of the county.

Although I like the lake side, it's the bay side of the peninsula that I love.

• Male victims face added barriers of not being believed or being ridiculed when they try to report.

• Stereotyping of male victim-hood and the stigmas attached (he must be queer, soft, weak, or a ‘woman’) increases the sense of shame and makes men more reluctant to report.